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Saved For A Purpose

“But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” Hebrews 11:6. (KJV)

I looked up listlessly from the ironing board at my 3 months old daughter lying in her crib, her tiny body racked with fever. I had moved the ironing chore into her room because I wanted to monitor her body temperature. 

I was alarmed to see my baby, with eyes wide open and a fixed stare, frothing at the mouth. She was experiencing a full blown seizure!  Paralyzed with fear, I quickly contacted my husband Carl, who was conducting a church board meeting at that time.

The seizure stopped after what seemed like endless minutes and Shurnelle was rushed to Roseau’s hospital.  However, the fever was persistent and baby Shurnelle was crying constantly both day and night.  As the crying intensified I was asked by the nurses to take a walk with the baby to see if she would stop crying. This exercise was not 

helpful because whatever the baby was experiencing resulted in constant screaming.  For most people, it is heart wrenching to see an ill baby suffer and even more so for the helpless parents of that child. There is an agonizing feeling of powerlessness and a deep awareness of one’s total dependence on God.

After much prayer and a series of tests completed by the medical fraternity, Shurnelle was released from the hospital. Unfortunately, they were not wiser about the cause of her medical condition.

Our family moved to Trinidad where my husband Carl was called to work.  Shurnlle was still having bouts of high fever and seizures. I recall the many sleepless nights with basins of ice-cold water being applied to Shurnelle’s frail body. The illness had taken a toll on her small frame which depicted her weight loss, large weak eyes which settled in their sockets and short patches of hair on her scalp which reminded me of  “parched vegetation”, during the dry season on the Maracas mountainside. It was certainly not a healthy sight. The cycle continued with high fever, seizures, frequent visits to the doctor,, endless testing, and hospitalization. I recall a kind nurse leading me to the hospital room to rest and have a meal because I practically collapsed on the hospital floor with exhaustion. I pause to give God thanks and praise for taking me through those challenging times.

Three years later 

Shurnelle was now four years old and living in Trinidad.  One Wednesday night as my husband Carl was preparing to attend the church service, Shurnelle with a high fever, looked up at him and said, “Daddy I want nointing” Carl looked at her very surprised and said “What did you say Shurnelle?” She repeated her request and said “Daddy I want nointing.” Without hesitation, he got his tiny, special bottle of olive oil and while praying fervently, anointed the little girl that God had given to him.

Immediately, after Carl left for church I laid on the bed thinking about another long sleepless night ahead, nights filled with prayers, ice water, towels and Shurnelle’s persistent fever.  Suddenly, Shurnelle jumped off the bed and stood in front of a cracked mirror smiling. “I am healed, I am healed!!” she chanted jumping up and down.  To be honest, I can’t recall if I took what Shurnelle said seriously but I was extremely happy to see her showing some determination and optimism again.

Shurnelle Spencer was healed that night! The high fevers and seizures ceased immediately. What was the cause? Not even doctors had the answer but our Heavenly father knows. However, what we do know is that God answered the prayer of a little child. What a privilege it is to witness the faith of a little child!

My prayer is that Shurnelle (now grown) would allow God to direct her path and remember daily that she is not here by chance, but she is here for a purpose.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”Jeremiah 29:11

Written by Shurland Spencer

Written By: Shurnelle Spencer

Comments: 19

  • Anton John

    Reply October 12, 202011:20 am

    When we read real stories like this it shows true purpose. God bless both you and Mom

  • Jeniffer Nanlal

    Reply October 13, 20201:04 am

    Bless you Shurnelle. You have been saved by Almighty God, for such a time as this.

  • K. Gittens

    Reply October 13, 20207:27 am

    Wow! I went through febrile seizures with my son the days leading up to his first birthday. It’s not something any parent would wish to see their child go through. What a testimony!

  • Kerwin Alexander

    Reply October 13, 202010:01 am

    Thanks for sharing powerful and encouraging. Blessings!

  • Beverley Ellis

    Reply October 13, 20201:49 pm

    Inspiring testimony.

  • Kalisha Aaron

    Reply October 13, 20202:40 pm

    I got goose bumps reading this. It is indeed a blessing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Emma Griffith

    Reply October 13, 20205:19 pm


  • Bowen

    Reply October 13, 20206:35 pm

    Continue to give back to God with your talent.
    Beautiful story of healing.

  • Abigail Gittens

    Reply October 13, 202010:13 pm

    I love it ♥️♥️♥️. A FIGHTER

  • Colville StHilaire

    Reply October 14, 20201:29 pm

    What a testimony. God took you from your illness and placed you on the path He has chosen for you. Cling to His hand constantly. Stay blessed.

  • Alvita Phillips

    Reply October 14, 20205:29 pm

    This testimony truly touched my heart Sis!! Flesh and blood did not reveal such a request to your young mind. There is a God who hears and cares about the affairs of His children! Your life is indeed anointed! I pray you remember that all the days of your life as you continue to submit yourself to God! ❤

  • Pastor Davin Scarborough

    Reply October 14, 20209:57 pm

    A tearjerker is what I’ll say it is. What a testimony!! Who is like unto our God?! Shurnelle Spencer, indeed did God’s Anointing fall upon you that day! Keep shining for Jesus.

  • Denzyl Edwards

    Reply October 15, 20209:42 pm

    These are the stories that make the heart sings. You were born and healed for such a time as this. To proclaim who Jesus is to the world. There is power in your testimony. Keep sharing.

  • Nicola Reefe-Babb

    Reply October 15, 202011:44 pm

    An Absolutely beautiful reminder of how anointed you are by God…never forget your purpose my dear

  • Jo-Ann Jaikaran-Joseph

    Reply October 16, 20207:58 am

    Wooow. That’s an amazing story.
    Sis Spencer, I believe that while the doctor didn’t know what was going on with Shernelle, God had a plan for her. One is that someone needs to read this story and be encouraged.
    My prayer is that God will continue to bless your family and that Shernelle will continue to trust God’s love for her and continue to be an inspiration to others as she use her talent to minister to others.
    I am bless you have your family in my life. Love you guys.

  • Isean Miller

    Reply October 16, 20203:09 pm

    I starting to cry. And then raised my hands to heaven. Then wiped the tears again and say to myself. God is in control.

  • Avalyn Douglas

    Reply October 19, 202010:23 am

    We serve a God who heals. Thank you for sharing this powerful testimony.
    Continúe to serve and trust God.

  • Kelly ann Balfour-O'neil

    Reply October 23, 20208:49 am

    Healinģ is the children’s bread….. We serve a might God!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Kim Jones

    Reply November 7, 20206:31 am

    Oh wow powerful testimony sis. Indeed God has a mighty purpose for your Life. I encourage u to continue to allow his will to be done in your life. What great faith as a little child and as Adults we need to have faith like little children depending on our heavenly Father. Thank u for sharing sis. God blessings to u.

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