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Behind The Scene – The Making of Earth Has No Sorrow

Hi guys, today we’re gonna get into all the details behind the scenes for my latest music video, Earth Has No Sorrow. It was released on the Easter weekend 2020.  I’m just gonna give you a little insight into why I decided to do a remake,  as well as the inspiration behind the music video and all the juicy stuff. So watch the video and if you haven’t already subscribed, be sure to do so.   

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Written By: Shurnelle Spencer

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  • Jasmine Alfred

    Reply May 17, 20178:09 am

    Every time I see or listen to this song it brings tears to my eyes just mix feelings and the knowing that earth has no sorry that heaven cannot heal. You are blessed to be blessing others my sister.much love

    • Shäriel

      Reply May 17, 20178:10 am

      Everything about that song…. perfect.
      For such a time as this. Stay blessed. Looking forward to hearing more hint hint

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